Web content management system that clients can use to manage their web content is an architectural framework that is hosted by the Web Server. Easyway information created Content management system is robust, flexible, scalable, and easy to use. It provides web managers with tools for creating, publishing and managing web pages without the need for special software or technical training. Websites can be designed without any HTML or web programming knowledge, so a web administrator can distribute the writing and publishing of website content across a business organization or academic unit. Once a site is built and hosted on the Web servers, the Easyway information hosts and maintains the architecture of the site and the client manages the web content.

Benefits for CMS customers
Depending on the complexity, site can be built in weeks, not months, as required for unsupported systems
Non-technical staff to easily publish content directly to the Web
Operational costs for managing website content is reduced
Easy site content management tools to keep a website fresh and up to date
A consistent “look and feel’” is established throughout a website
The management of content creation (access, editing, review approval, publishing) is securely controlled
External applications within a site can be integrated, as applicable
External applications within a site can be integrated, as applicable
Value Added Services
In-house CMS web hosting service
In-house CMS service support
Customer Web Manager administration training
Content Provider training
Website design consultation
Off the shelf site library of features that can be incorporated into a web site

Easyway information offers authoring and editing tools similar to those offered in Microsoft Word. Content can be copied and pasted directly from other applications. In this way, a non-technical manager can edit content within a web page. Site updates can be scheduled to publish on a specified day as part of the process that site administrators set up.

Fully Managed CMS Hosting

The Tier 1 Service is intended to support business and academic units that have little to no capability within their units to design or create websites. Tier 1 CMS provides a turnkey library of basic web page templates and functional widgets to enhance these basic templates – examples include: jquery banners, news releases, person profiles, calendar views, RSS feeds, and event listings.

Application Development Areas

News Application
Travel Application
Multimedia Application
Education Application
Delivery Application
Money Management Application
Social Networking Application
Fitness Application
Shopping Application
Weather Based Application
Dating Application
Logistic Application
Medical Application
Financial Application
Cooperative Sector Application
Ticketing Application
Utility Application
Other Application