We do web-based application, application migration to Dot Net (.NET), windows desktop development. Using advanced technologies, to your benefit and bringing IT closer to business functions in every way.

Today, Easyway information stands as a distinctive name for its end-to-end IT solutions that are both result-oriented as well as cost-effective.

Our Dot Net (.NET) Services

  • Development for Windows Azure
  • Development of .NET mobile apps
  • Silverlight development
  • Development for desktops running on Windows
  • ASP .NET development
  • Migration to the .NET framework
  • Customization of .NET based products
  • Maintenance and support
  • WPF / WCF / WF development

Our Microsoft skill sets include

  • Databases: SQL Server 2000/2005/2008/2012/2014
  • Languages: Asp.net, C#, vb.net
  • Components: Teleric, Codejoke, ComponentArt, Infragistics
  • Technology: Silverlight, Sharepoint, Xamarin, Web API, WCF, WPF
  • Enterprise: SQL Server Integration Services
  • Application Server: Internet Information Services

Cross platform, open source .NET framework

Cross-platform development of .NET framework apps is possible due to the Portable Class Library projects in Visual Studio and some other programming languages also. Our expert .NET programmers and apps developers also write and build their own portable assemblies; these assemblies work without modification on multiple programming platforms.

Feature Highlights


  • Supports Linux, Windows and Mac OS X.

Advanced Text Editing

  • Code completion support for C#, code templates, code folding.

Configurable workbench

  • Fully customizable window layouts, user defined key bindings, external tools

Multiple language support

  • C#, F#, Visual Basic .NET, C/C++, Vala

Integrated Debugger

  • For debugging Mono and native applications

GTK# Visual Designer

  • Easily build GTK# applications


  • Create web projects with full code completion support and test on XSP, the Mono web server.

Other tools

  • Source control, makefile integration, unit testing, packaging and deployment, localization.


  • MVC
  • MVVM
  • n-tier


  • .Net Framework
  • ASP .Net Core
  • Angular.JS
  • Node.JS


  • IIS
  • MS BizTalk Server
  • Application Center
  • MS E-Commerce Server
  • MS Content Management Server
  • MS SharePoint Server
  • MS Dynamics CRM Server
  • Team Foundation Server


  • MS SQL Server
  • MS HD Insight
  • Hadoop
  • MongoDB
  • SQL Azure
  • Oracle
  • Maria DB
  • Remoting service

Application Development Areas

News Application
Travel Application
Multimedia Application
Education Application
Delivery Application
Money Management Application
Social Networking Application
Fitness Application
Shopping Application
Weather Based Application
Dating Application
Logistic Application
Medical Application
Financial Application
Cooperative Sector Application
Ticketing Application
Utility Application
Other Application